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9051 Hwy 51

Brighton, TN 38011

By the Tipton County Land Fill


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This is a brief history of the Saddle Club and how it was first established, written from information from some of the origin members and members that came along in the course of time. In the early 1950's a group of men in the Munford/Drummond, Tennessee area would get together and ride their horses just for the pleasure of riding. Mr. Paul Pickard, Mr. "Red" Pickard, Mr. Bill Williams, Mr. Carlton Lindsey, Mr. Jethro Lindsey, Mr. Winford Atkins, Mr. Paul Craig, Mr. Ersel Beaver and others. Mr. Blake (Bill) Williams had his house and land at the corner of what is now Crosstown and Hwy. 51, it was behind the old icehouse, now Bert Curtis' corner. Keep in mind that at the area I am speaking of was in the county and considered "in the country" for the city "Munford" folk. Because he had the land, they would have rodeos at his place with a variety of animals. He tells me that he and Mr. Paul Pickard bought a herd of wild horses from Dr. Sid Witherington's father and used them for the bronc stock. He said "They were really raw material." They would ride on Mr. Buck West and Mr. Charlie Dacus' property also. Then Mr. Dacus thought maybe they should start a riding club. Someone asked who knew anything about a riding club and Mr. Dacus stated that he had a book or at least some information. They already had the PA system and all they needed was the property and they could be in the riding club business. One of the reasons for moving the arena and activities from Mr. Williams's property on Hwy. 51 were to get away from the traffic and the highway. You must remember that at that time Hwy. 51 was two lanes and the traffic would have been rather congested with parking on both sides of the road and traffic still trying to go north or south. They moved the location to the south end of Munford to the Wooten Feed Store, on the corner of Tipton Road and McCormick Road, and was there for several years. In 1968 the arena area was moved from the Wooten property, as there was a need for more land. They moved it to the north side of Munford, behind Dr. Sid Witherington's house, just north of Munford Avenue. They were there for about a year then moved again as they had not really gotten established. The next location was at the present site, on Dacus Drive. The first name, Dacus Riding Club, was chosen in honor of Mr. Charlie Dacus. That name was used until 2002 when the name was changed to Munford Saddle Club. Several riding clubs combined into one and this name would better represent everyone. The Munford Saddle Club became affiliated with SASCA (Southern Amateur Saddle Club Association) in 2001. A number of the members were members of SASCA and Munford voted to join to be a part of the affiliation and to bring in new members, and succeeded with that plan. The club then changed the name back to Dacus Riding Club. 

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